Make a list of “classics” that sound interesting to you. Pick one to start reading for yourself, and one for read-aloud.

How can you let your children “take the lead” more? What could you let them plan or make or teach for other members of the family? Ideas:



—a hike

—A field trip

—A road trip

—A vacation

—A party

—Homeschool time

—Make something to sell

—Teach us how to play a game

—A skill (Rubik’s cube, pottery, drawing, friendship bracelets)

—Teach a math concept to a younger sibling (without forcing them to do it)

—Do a science experiment with a younger sibling

—Teach us about a famous painting or sculpture


What interests do your children have? How can you leverage that for a learning experience?





Am I leading out by pursuing my own education? What am I interested in?


What phase am I in?— 

—Do I feel like I have a solid core? Do I feel like my relationship and mental health needs are being met? Do I know what I believe in? Do I feed my spirit most days? Am I observant? Does your day or environment feel peaceful and stable or chaotic? 

—Do I love learning? Am I passionately curious? Do I ask a lot of questions? Do I freely ask others questions? Have I honed the ability to ask the right questions?

—Do I study with intention, to gain breadth and depth of knowledge, and a variety of perspectives? Does my studying often bring me to the point of discomfort, where it feels really hard and frustrating? Do I want feedback from others so I can improve?



What are the negative effects of requiring learning? 

What are the benefits of allowing them freedom of choice in their learning? 

How can I inspire my children?


Write your thoughts on human motivation

What’s something I think is interesting or fun that I can share with my children to pique their interest in a new topic? For example:


—Cooking or baking food from another time or culture

—Watching an inspiring YouTube video

—Asking a fun trivia question (“Which of the following 3 Medieval cures for headaches actually worked?” Or “How many pounds do you think a blue whale weighs?”)




How is structuring you time like budgeting your money? 

What is a new sacred bubble of time you want to create in your day? Write a plan for making that happen, even if it starts with 5 or 10 minutes. Connect it with another regular habit.