Angel Selden

Angel has been passionate about homeschooling her 4 children and researching education for 17 years and leads a master class she created called Mentoring Organic Learners.


In 1999 Angel taught English in Russia for six months, where she lived with Olya and her family. Five years later she was head of the same English teaching program in Ukraine for five months, with her husband and 18-month old daughter. She and Olya have kept in touch and reunited in 2019.

In a flash of inspiration, Angel had an idea to combine her passion for Russia with her passion/experience with great mentorship, in The Stories of Russia. She reached out to Olya to co-lead this class because she couldn't do it without her!

Olya teaching English

in China




Olya teaching English.jpg

Olya teaching English

in China

Olya K.

Olya was born and raised in Russia, and currently works as a leading specialist of cluster construction in the same city she grew up in. She was an exchange student in Kansas, USA in high school, and taught English to children in China. She is working on finishing her PhD in economics.

She is passionate about Russian art, literature and history, and makes a point to visit art and history museums wherever she travels--in Russia and abroad. 


Olya is excited to share stories of her beloved country, including the stories of her ancestors involved in World War I (end of the Romanov Dynasty), World War II, her parents' experiences growing up in Soviet Russia, as well as her own experiences being born during Perestroika and growing up in its aftermath.