Journal Prompts


What is observing? Why is it one of the most important skills your children can develop?


Which example of observing, in the chapter, inspires you? Write about it.


Brainstorm ideas for how you can foster this skill in yourself and your children, in a phase-appropriate way.


What is self-observation? Brainstorm ideas for how you can foster that in your children now, in a phase-appropriate way.



What is imaging? Did you try the imaging puzzles on p. 52? How did it go?


How do you already image/visualize or encourage your children to image/visualize?


Do you value the ability to image? Why? For what?


Brainstorm some ways you can foster the ability to image/visualize in yourself or your children right now.



What are the defining characteristics of play and why is it important? 


What are some things your children already play at?


How can you provide more time, freedom, solitude or example to foster these thinking tools?