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The Tale of the Dead Princess & the Seven Knights

by Alexander Pushkin, 1833

Fall in love with

The Stories of Russia

A transdiciplinary organic learning experience for ages 12+

**Debuting fall 2021**
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Anastasia Romanov & family, last of the Tsars

Privyet! We are Angel & Olya and we are passionate about Russian history, literature and language! We want to share our passion with you by discussing the captivating and inspiring stories of Russian history in this 6-week session. The cool thing about these stories is--it's not just history and literature! Geography, culture, art, music, science, math, politics, economics, psychology and the human spirit are inherent throughout.

We'd love to get to know you and answer your questions May 27!

Red October.jpg

Red October, Communist revolution 1917

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Perestroika--end of Soviet Union, 1991

Host sisters Angel & Olya in Russia--in 1999 and reuniting in 2019 


(standing in the same place!)