LOVE learning with your
children every day! Bring out the creative, eager learners in your children!

In the Mentoring Organic Learners master class, we will study the

science of how people learn and create. 

We will explore time-tested and research-based ideas of how best to nurture and facilitate—or mentor—that organic growth process, without the use of force. 

This will be accomplished in the form of a mentor-guided book discussion group, for all experience levels. Together we will study and implement 12 principles in 12 months. You may cancel at any time.

Premium Membership will give you access to:


  • Monthly Zoom Q&A: Large group discussion facilitated by Angel Selden. This is your opportunity to discuss the reading and audio with other homeschoolers in a breakout session, as well as ask Angel questions about the reading and audio discourse.   Click here for syllabus.


  • 1-hour Audio Discourse: In these presentations Angel shares her thoughts, insight, and experiences regarding the principles taught in the assigned reading, including ideas for how you can apply it at home. These should be listened to prior to the Zoom discussion on that reading.


  • Reading Assignment: (One each month) Selected chapters from the books chosen for the session. About 60 minutes of reading per month.


  • Study Guide w/Journal Prompts: Questions to be read before (to prime the mind) and after (to record thoughts and impressions) each selected reading.


  • Bonus GiftGeniusLog: An interactive education recordkeeping tool with 300 suggested books and other great works.

  • Small Group Coaching with Angel & Lindsay Christianson. Get personalized coaching for your situation from a master coach who is also an experienced organic homeschooler. Learn from hearing Angel & Lindsay coach others in your group, as well. Several clients have said, "The small group coaching is WAY better than one-on-one! We learn so much from hearing others' challenges and how you coach them."

Fundamentals Membership will give you access to all of the above EXCEPT small group coaching with Angel & Lindsay.

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Questions? Email Angel:

MOL Premium Membership

All of the above: $40/mo. Cancel anytime.

MOL Fundamentals Membership

All of the above EXCEPT small group coaching with Angel & Lindsay

$25/mo. Cancel anytime.