Angel Selden lives in Minnesota where she grew up attending public school. She graduated from college with a BS in psychology, lived in Russia and Ukraine for a year, and pursued a successful career as a wedding photographer. After her first child dropped out of preschool, Angel and her husband Neil decided to homeschool their four children, and have been doing so ever since. Her eldest—the preschool dropout—is now attending university.


Angel’s life mission is to nourish the seeds of genius that exist in each individual. She believes that the growth of this genius can be stunted, but it can never be destroyed, and that it is never too late. All of her endeavors support this mission.


She is the creator of GeniusLog, an interactive study guide of 250 top works of genius, and Mentoring Organic Learners, a master class for homeschool educators. She is currently writing two more courses for homeschoolers, as well as the book, 5,000 Stories: One Mother's Quest to Ditch School and Restore the Ecology of Learning.

She is the founder and organizer of the Mighty Mustard Seed

Annual Education Symposium, bringing brilliant authors, leaders, and speakers in the field of education together in Minneapolis, MN.  

Feel free to email Angel at with your questions.